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Lingvasos link Polish/Polski aims at building communication bridges for Polish immigrants working in the European Union in the following fields: Construction, Travel, Dom/Domestic/Family, Doctor-Hospital, Church, Airport, Police etc.
Difficulties in communication whilst travelling can be fatal as proven by the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver Airport in October 2007. This project is dedicated to his memory.

Lingvasos link English/Angielski  gives instant access to several hundred basic words connected with air travel. The list of words and situational phrases, arranged into A4 format, can be easily printed out and can act as a two language mini dictionaries - useful to police, airline personnel, first aiders and airport staff in general. It also helps English speaking people to learn Polish, Russian and other languages, mainly in the field of travel. I wish to thank esperanto speaking participants for their contribution;  Hori Yasuo (Japanese),

Nikolaj Penchukov (Russian-Kaliningrad),

Francis Soghomonian (French)               

Edward Kozyra, Stan Mandrak, Waldemar Lipowicz, Danuta Kowalska (ESPERANTO)  Kanjo Kanev (Bulgarian),

Vlodek Korcz (German, Spanish, Portuguese)

the website is under construction